1. Use /forum in the lobby to get the code to register!
by bencerda1 at 12:31 AM
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Hi everyone, just a quick message to convey and a request. I've noticed many people have been logging in, noticing the low player count, then leaving while also saying "the server is dead". While I know the server population is currently rather lackluster, there's a limited amount of things I can do in order to keep players retained with such a tight-woven community. So, please don't log in and complain about issues right now, and try to stay on as long as you can. The more people that we can keep on at any given time is more attractive to others and might bring back previous players. I would also appreciate if you guys would vote every day to try and get new players in. I'm working on crates and plan to get them ready soon, and will be offering an exchange program of scrolls to keys once that's done.

So, tl;dr: Try to stay on as long as possible and vote to get more players in.
by bencerda1 at 11:04 PM
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Hi everyone, I believe I have resolved the lag issue, so you should be able to play without issue now. I won't go in depth on how I did it or what caused it, but it should be good to go.
by bencerda1 at 2:28 AM
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Hi everyone, just a quick post to say that the server is currently back up. We had to switch hosts for cost reasons and are currently being hosted on Fluctis in Chicago. Please use blue.epicminetime.com for now until I get green up and running, then lobby will be back.
by bencerda1 at 10:44 PM
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Hi everyone, you might've noticed a bit of server downtime, this would be due to us switching Hosts. Once this host switch is finalized we will be back up.
by bencerda1 at 1:18 AM
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Hi, everyone! I'm finally here to say that Blue has officially launched with its update. Some highlights:

World reset
Balance reset
MCMMO reset​
All features of 1.10, I will be making a poll for everyone to respond to in a couple weeks to determine if there should be some features reverted.​
Paid unbans
Go to http://epicminetime.com/pages/donate/ and click the "Epicminetime" shop in the dropdown​
Some surprises once people join!

Green is the next server to finalize in its update. So stay tuned for that!
by bencerda1 at 2:17 AM
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Hi, everyone! Just writing a post real quick to notify that Blue has been updated. The server is still under a whitelist until world stuff is finished (spawn, world, some configs, etc.) but should be ready by sometime tomorrow. Sorry that I am unable to finish the process today, but I have been busy all day and this is being done in my free time. I will return tomorrow after I vote.
by bencerda1 at 6:43 PM
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Hi, everyone! Just quickly making a post informing everybody for some downtime. We will be taking all servers offline 12AM ET Monday and will have the servers whitelisted as we finish things up, The plan is to get things finished up by 12AM ET Tuesday, but keep checking in as we may have everything finished before that deadline or after that deadline, depending on how things go.
by Missing_Prophecy at 6:42 PM
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Okay guys as you now know myself and fusiontemper9905 are now the dedicated owners of both green and blue on EMT.
Myself being the owner of EMT Green will be looking for new admins, moderators and helpers, this means I am giving each and every single one of you guys a chance to be on the team.

In doing so I have to be able to trust each member of staff and ensure they are able to do their duty to the server correctly, this means that the decisions made are right and well thought through with evidence to the situation in hand.

I know for the past few months it has been hard for all of us to try and keep this community running however with the upcoming updates, fixes and all of you guys helping us we are more than capable of bringing the community back together and expanding on it too.

Stay tuned in for more updates and fixes.

For now,
Au revoir
by bencerda1 at 6:03 PM
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Hi everyone, I've got some good news! We are going to start rolling out updates to Green, Lobby, and Blue over the course of the next week. This will come with an updated spawn for Lobby and Blue, as well as MC version 1.10. We also are adding a few new things to Buycraft (update on that later) as well as a new staff system.

To start off, the new staff system:
Owner: Fusiontemper9905
Up to 3 dedicated Admins
Up to 5 dedicated Moderators
Up to 7 dedicated Helpers​
Owner: Missing_Prophecy
Up to 2 dedicated Admins
Up to 4 dedicated Moderators
Up to 6 dedicated Helpers​
We will also be having one global Administrator, Moderator, and Helper

As some of you may have noted, we launched a Discord server over the summer, as well as MC-Discord cross-chat. This is intended to allow players to communicate with each other without being in-game. This feature requires a verified Discord account to access the server....
by Nexoness at 1:44 PM
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Small update:
I just finished the crackdown on spammers/scammers on the forums.
297 out of the 455 accounts have been deleted since all of those were spammers.
An ingame code is required again when registering (use /forum while in the lobby)